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At Five Wells we aim to provide all prisoners with a platform to change their lives. We will promote a community culture where prisoners will be able to assist the management team to establish projects, processes and forums that meet the needs of the population.

We will try to recognise the skills, talents and abilities of the prisoners and empower those who can lead by example and inspire others to change their mind-set.

We offer modern facilities, access to training, education, industrial type employment, interventions and physical health and wellbeing initiatives.
We will offer prisoners with substance misuse issues an opportunity to safely withdraw from such behaviour on our Drug Recovery Unit.


  • To always strive for excellence.
  • To maintain our community as a safe and decent place to reside and work.
  • To work closely and inclusively with all prisoner groups to always seek to meet the needs of the population.
  • To provide diverse and challenging regimes for all prisoners.
  • To build positive, healthy relationships between all groups of staff and prisoners within the Five Wells Community.
  • To always drive the rehabilitation agenda working closely with both internal and external partners.
  • To make Five Wells a place where both prisoners and staff can achieve betterment.
William Styles
William Styles, Director, HMP Five Wells


HMP Five Wells is committed to celebrating diversity and promoting equality throughout our services and inside the Five Wells communities. Our aim is to make Five Wells a better place to live, work and visit by engaging with and empowering staff, prisoners agencies and leaders.

Our Equalities Vision

  • HMP Five Wells is a strong, safe and inclusive community which celebrates diversity
  • Prisoners of HMP Five Wells have the opportunity to achieve their own potential and have influence in decision making and planning
  • Equalities are embedded at all levels within the establishment. We champion community-focussed, strengths-based services and make decisions based on what is best for our prisoners and staff
  • Everyone can access our services, facilities and information
  • We are an employer for all. We aim for our workforce to broadly reflect the diversity of the community and to feel engaged, valued and able to reach their potential.

Equality objectives and considerations will be built into our everyday work – from strategic planning, policy and decision-making right through to how we support and deliver services for our prisoners. This requires leadership, commitment and ownership across all parts of the establishment as well as effective performance monitoring, scrutiny and engagement with individuals, groups of prisoners and staff and our partner organisations.


HMP Five Wells is passionate and committed about having close working relationships and involvement with the local community.

We have already established solid working relationships with both the Unitary and Town Councils, as well as the many councillors throughout the wider Northamptonshire.

G4S HMP Oakwood prison community engagement

With our commitment to rehabilitation, we have partnered and formed solid business relationships with many local and national businesses and charitable organisations to open up opportunities for our prisoners to move into both employment via the ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence) and upon release from Custody.

We are also working alongside a variety of local community organisations and individual communities to help and support them in making their local areas safer and better for everyone. We are actively involved in projects that will have a lasting impact on the local communities over the coming years.

HMP Five Wells has welcomed various dignitaries and local stakeholders since opening and is keen to continue to welcome interested parties over the coming months. We are always keen to showcase the facilities and hard work that is being put in, to help nurture our prisoners , via education, skills development and employment opportunities to ensure that once they leave us, they never return to crime.

Some local partnerships that have been made are as follows –

  • Wincanton Logistics – National Provider of Transport & Logistics – Our partnership includes Paid ROTL Placements and Nationwide employment upon release
  • Linde Material Handling – A Local Independent Forklift Truck Retailer, Maintenance and Servicing Company – Our partnership includes Linde having a Linde Factory in one of our Large Activities Units and also offering ROTL placements for prisoners to get real life workshop environment experience. Linde has also committed to offering employment upon release where possible.
  • Sue Ryder Charity – British palliative, neurological and bereavement support charity – Our partnership is based around our Bike maintenance workshop, where we will repair and recycle push bikes donated to Sue Ryder via various Councils etc. Once repaired the Bikes will be sold via the Charities High Street shops. In addition to this Sue Ryder are also offering Voluntary ROTL Placements in their Charity Shops.
  • Baker Waste – Is a Local Waste & Recycling Business with a National reach – Our partnership is based around our Waste Management Unit, Bakers Waste will be responsible for removing all our waste once it has been sorted and separated in the Unit. In addition we are currently putting plans in place for an HGV Driving School at the Establishment. Baker Waste will also help prisoners find employment upon release, either within their own business or in the wider recycling industry or as an HGV Driver via their separate sister business which specialises in recruiting for the industry.
  • SATCoL (Salvation Army Trading Company) is the trading arm of The Salvation Army, raising money for the charity through a network of charity shops, donation centres and clothing banks – Our partnership includes voluntary ROTL placements in their Charity Shops and Donation Centres, as well as having a dedicated Unit within the Establishment where we will separate clothing, Pat test appliances prior to them going to their shops and Upcycling furniture, again prior to going into one of their shops. We are also looking at manufacturing their Clothing Banks once our engineering workshop opens.
  • Greencore Group plc is a leading manufacturer of convenience foods and makes sandwiches for M&S, Costa and many other high street names – Our partnership includes multiple paid ROTL placements and continued employment upon release. We are also in advanced talks in relation to our prisoners running their staff canteen via the ROTL process.
  • Goodwill Solutions was Founded in 2008, as a Community Interest Company is to help the local community through the creation of various projects and schemes designed to improve social welfare, they are believed to one of the largest CIC in Europe – Our partnership includes looking at training courses that will enhance the employability and job matching of our prisoners upon release in conjunction with our colleagues in the DWP. We are also in advanced talks in relation to our prisoners running their staff canteen via the ROTL process.
  • U-POL is a local business, but the World leader in automotive refinishing products specialising in fillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives and paint related products, they are recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries – Our partnership will involve potential work being completed in our Activities Units, as well as opportunities for paid ROTL placements and employment upon release.


HMP Five Wells is a different type of prison where the emphasis and responsibilities are squarely aimed at the prisoner to take full responsibility for their future. The vision of HMP Five Wells is one that places the individual needs and aspirations of the prisoners at its core.

We in the programmes department will be working in many different ways, not just the standard accredited programmes. We will be looking at interventions to cover many aspects of the prisoners journey, not just inside a prison environment, but also follow prisoners into the community as and when they are released to start their new lives free of the need of crime. Below are a few and type of programmes available such as:-

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Family interventions
  3. Physical interventions (programmes incorporating the gym promoting a healthy body healthy mind)
  4. Working with gangland culture those who are in and those who have a high risk of becoming involved
  5. Veteran programmes working with ex-forces to rebuild their lives
  6. Accredited programmes (TSP – Thinking Skills Programme)
  7. Victim awareness programmes
  8. Plus many, many more in fact over 20 types of programmes being planned

Various interventions will be delivered by fully skilled and nationally accredited facilitators, that are audited on a regular basis to ensure top quality programmes and services. Some programmes have been written, developed and facilitated by ex-prisoners, supported by the interventions team to deliver a high quality suite of programmes aimed at prisoners’ needs, from the perspective of prisoners who have lived and experienced the same journeys. Other programmes will be from nationally recognised organisations being bought within HMP Five Wells from professional bodies thus adding to the different pathways of programmes we will be introducing to HMP Five Wells.

Working closely with the OMU (Offender Management Unit) department and the resettlement teams the Intervention department will be able to keep assessing the real needs of its prisoners within HMP Five Wells. Adjusting and evolving programmes where necessary and where needed. We will also be using the skills of prisoners to peer mentor participants that need to go through various interventions. This will help to ensure that all prisoners that need to or want to involve themselves can do so, no matter to levels of education or ability, the desire is to cater for all, at all levels of ability and need.



The Chaplaincy department we see is one that ‘Inspires, Educates, and Equips’ staff and prisoners to grow in character, overcome challenges, and develop their faith through spiritual support and pastoral care.

About Us

Our team is made up of chaplains of different faiths/beliefs who will support our prisoners on their journey, from their very first day at Five Wells to their last day and beyond, through various faith charities and organisations. We also support prisoners in our through-the-gate work when they are back in the community.

Prisoners will be able to comfortably practice any faith or belief permitted in prison, throughout the duration of their time in custody.

Our Values

To maintain the alignment of our vision and purpose, we have formed five guiding principles:
Love Well – Consistency and Boundaries
Live Well – Respect and Honour
Serve Well – prisoners and Staff. (Rest, Integrity, Dignity, and Excellence)
Give Well – Generous and Creative
Forgive Well – Honesty and Humility

Our Services

We aim to Inspire by raising aspirations, uplifting the discouraged, supporting the bereaved, and providing a warm welcome to all. We have a daily visible presence to comfort, challenge, and encourage prisoners and staff; through our worship services and meetings, as well as carrying out statutory duties.

We aim to educate by accompanying prisoners on their journey of faith and belief discovery through an accessible weekly schedule of classes and study groups, and one-to-one sessions with qualified HMPPS endorsed faith leaders and volunteers, the broad range of faith traditions represented in the team, enables us to have a diverse provision.

We aim to equip by working closely with our internal colleagues and external partners to provide prisoners with the opportunities, skills, and support necessary to face the demands and responsibilities of community and family life. We invite the engagement of local faith communities and organisations, and foster pro-social development through the official prison visitor scheme. We value cross-departmental communication and partnerships and work closely with our safety colleagues, and other departments e.g. practice plus group (healthcare) and community partners.

We are supported by the peer-led initiative Project Unite. This is an initiative with the primary aim of ‘bridging differences and changing perceptions’ of prisoners towards each other, and between prisoners and staff. We believe this will play an integral role in Chaplaincy’s contribution to the shaping of the prison’s rehabilitative culture.


Practice Plus Group run the healthcare at HMP Five Wells. We are committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to prisoners in our care. Our healthcare team is staffed 24 hours a day and is made up of a range of healthcare professional.

Our staff approach their work with professionalism and commitment that lays the foundation for improved services and recognises the dignity of the individual.
All staff are security vetted and provided with thorough induction training.

The treatments and clinics are delivered in Healthcare Central, a specific area allocated for healthcare, alongside the triage rooms in the individual house blocks.

Staff support the prisoners with their healthcare needs during various stages of their stay at Five Wells.

Early Days in Custody

This is the initial 10-14 days stay at Five Wells. This aspect of the stay includes Primary and Secondary Screenings and aims to identify any areas of healthcare support the prisoner needs during their stay. prisoners are signposted to relevant teams for assessment, intervention and treatment.

Planned Care

Their healthcare support continues during the ‘planned care’ element of their stay. prisoners will be referred into specific areas of support if required and can re-refer themselves to healthcare if needed.

Unplanned Care

Practice Plus also run the ‘unplanned care’ element which provides emergency response to those who may need immediate healthcare support.

Medication and Appointments

Medication is administered on each of the house blocks twice a day.

Applications to see all healthcare professionals are made using the an appointment form which is posted to healthcare. prisoners are usually assessed by a nurse in the first instance before seeing a doctor.

Nurse-organised clinics include:
· Long Term Conditions (Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy)
· Vaccinations (Hepatitis, Coronavirus)
· Immunisations
· Blood testing
· Sexual Health
· Mental Health

Specialist appointments include:
· Substance Misuse
· Doctor
· Dentist
· Optician
· Psychiatrist
· Psychologist
· Physiotherapist
· Podiatrist’


At HMP Five Wells our aim is to make a difference in men’s lives by providing them with a normative environment that empowers them to make positive changes to their lifestyles, which will assist them in their transition back into the community upon release.

A significant part of this contribution is by providing professional, purposeful and constructive physical activities, incorporating education elements also. This contribution enhances the employability of prisoners upon release and embeds a healthy lifestyle approach into their day-to-day living. The Gym provides a modern facility enabling both prisoners and staff to raise their physical fitness through personal fitness plans, certificated courses, recreational activities and team sports.

The gym remains open for 365 days of the year. On weekdays the prisoners first arrive at 0745 hrs for a variety of activities, the last group leaves at 2015 hrs. The Main gym contains a variety of Equipment, ranging from Weight based, strength based and cardio & HIIT equipment.

In addition to the Main gym, we have 4 MUGA Pitches (Multi-Use Games Area), which are also utilised 7 days a week from 0745 hrs through to 1645, with a number of additional external activities being delivered between 1815-1915 including spin classes and circuit training.

Our outdoor activities include:

  • Football
  • Yoga
  • Circuits
  • Walking Club
  • Boules
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket

A number of specific sessions are incorporated into our delivery plan, to ensure that we tailor our approach to all prisoners within Five Wells. Over 50’s clubs, Exercise & Nutrition Sessions, Recovery Circuits, Running clubs and Disabled/Social Care and Exercise referral 121’s and all integrated into our daily timetable to provide a fully inclusive environment within our PE area’s.


Our aim at HMP Five Wells is to provide an environment that emulates in all respects the terms, conditions, practices and ethics both offered and expected by community employers, we try to instil workplace discipline and ethics, developing our prisoners in key skilled area’s in preparation for their release into the community.

All prisoners at Five Wells complete a 30-40 hour working week, completing a multi-functional regime incorporating, Employment, Education, Offending Behaviour Programmes and ROTL experiences should they be eligible. All prisoners are given training within the area that they are working to ensure that they can complete the roll to the best of their ability.

We have one distinct Activities building, which will hold a minimum of 480 men per day. Working in collaboration with our community partners, we have established a number of customer-led workshops in which we provide a service to them. These are managed as commercial operations with critical quality standards and delivery schedules achieved in line with the customers expectations.

Some examples of work include:

  • Recycling Unit – in collaboration with Baker Waste we recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, tins/cans & complete WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) waste. Ensuring that only 5% of our site wide waste goes to landfill.
  • Print & Sign Shops – providing an array of services to a multitude of customers, delivering products such as mugs, engraved trophies, large printed boards, printing books and/or documents, etc.
  • Staff Kitchen – Serving hot food to staff around the site, whilst developing mens qualifications to leave custody and successfully join the catering industry
  • Barbers – delivering a service to other prisoners and staff whereby they can get their hair and beards cut and maintained on a regular basis
  • Forklift Repair – in collaboration with Linde, we service and repair any damaged fork lifts before returning them into circulation nationally
  • Carpentry – Building a variety of items for both internal and external customers

In addition, we have a clear focus on developing and providing a foundation for change for our young men at Five Wells, specifically those aged between 18-21. We are working alongside the Northampton Saints Foundation to deliver a dedicated workshop space to men of this age, focusing them on the values and ethics that are embedded into a highly popular team sport, rugby. Within this specific area, the men will do a 14 week course, comprising 3 phases which encompases both sport and classroom based learning, leading to them having a L2 Gym Instructor accreditation and Health & Safety accreditations. The foundation will continue to monitor and support the men who undergo this course, hopefully providing them with a meaningful opportunity to reduce or cease their re offending behaviour upon release.

Many of the above industrial operations provide prisoners with excellent skills that are readily transferable, increasing their opportunities of finding and retaining work after release. NVQs are currently being offered alongside our Education provider, Weston College and further vocational training is being embedded across more of our employment roles to ensure we provide every viable opportunity to men whilst at Five Wells.


Older prisoners/Social Care
A designated environment that focuses on prisoners who are older or have additional social care needs. The staff will work closely with Safer Custody, Healthcare and Equalities to ensure a cohesive approach to their support and resettlement. We intend to have two units with the same function; one to accommodate PCoSOs (Person Convicted of a Sexual Offence) and another for mainstream prisoners.

We will have 3 communities which accommodate Induction; one for PCoSOs, one for mainstream population and another Fast Track service for prisoners from other G4S establishments who understand our processes and methods and are invested in our ethos. This increases the time spent in environments focused on their resettlement needs.

Incentivised Substance Free Living
Environment for prisoners, some of which have struggled with alcohol or substance misuse who have been living a successful substance free life at HMP Five Wells. They are actively engaged and positively contributing to the wider Five Wells community. They will have access to an enhanced regime and additional PLI and staff support specific to their recovery needs. We will have two units; one which will accommodate PCoSOs and another which will accommodate mainstream prisoners.

Our two enhanced communities will offer a wider, more normalised living experience for prisoners. They will have access to longer unlock hours and less oppressive security or staffing measures. Agency, autonomy and choice will be central to these units. They will accommodate mainstream and PCoSO prisoners separately; however, this will be the final step (and individual assessment of risk) before being located on one of the fully integrated communities.

ROTL (Release on Temporary License)
We intend to keep prisoners who regularly engage with ROTL on separate units. We will have one designated ROTL community and another which has a mix of those already involved in ROTL and others who are preparing for ROTL experiences. This will alleviate pressure and reduce negative external influences on those prisoners. This unit will be an integrated community.

Families Unit
Focused on improving, reconnecting and establishing new relationships, the Families Unit will take learning from some of our family oriented units elsewhere within the G4S estate. Non-accredited intervention work and staffed by both residential PCOs (Prison Custody Officer) and those within the Children and Families function will create a whole family approach to resettlement.

Two units, specifically for mainstream prisoners centred on preventing the risks of relapse upon release. Giving prisoners a chance to consolidate their progress and learning in preparation for returning to less controlled environments and potentially negative and harmful social connections.

Motivation & Engagement
Whyte Well will accommodate a community for those needing additional support due to behavioural or attitudinal concerns. Prisoners will support tailored to their needs to positively influence them, give them a new start and opportunities to see the value of engaging positively and proactively within the establishment ethos. This community is aimed at mainstream prisoners only.

Decompression Unit
This environment is aimed at prisoners who are approaching the end of very long sentences and need enhanced levels of support upon release. This unit will support independent living and provide prisoners with life skills that will enable them to operate within modern society. This will be a fully integrated unit where the advantages of the support and environment outweigh the concerns of co-living with PCoSOs.

PLIs (Peer Led Initiatives)
Recognising the positive impact they have on their peers and the establishment as a whole, PLIs will live in environments that offer longer regime hours and enrichment activities not afforded to the whole establishment. PLIs will be located across two units, one of which will be fully integrated.


The Resettlement provision at HMP Five Wells is delivered in partnership with many different support agencies.

Working with Partners Change, Grow, Live and Voluntary Impact Northampton we also offer additional support to prepare individuals to transition back into society by delivering bespoke courses that focus on self esteem, consequential thinking and general life skills. These will provide our prisoners with the confidence, skill set and personal growth to assist them in becoming law abiding and productive members of society.

Social prescribing is also key to supporting men to make that transition safely and we work with a number of community agencies and charities that deliver niche services for individuals that require that little bit of extra support. Working with outside agencies within the prison establishment will provide a pathway of known and trusted support for the prisoners and their significant others.

The vision of HMP Five Wells is one that places the individual needs and aspirations of the prisoners at its core. The Resettlement team will empower the individual to reach their potential and make positive and long lasting change. Our dedicated Family unit is designed to help maintain and rebuild the relationships between the men and those important to them. We will be offering bespoke courses that will reflect on the current relationship and help build a solid foundation of support.

Our dedicated substance misuse team will also be delivering courses that will support prisoners to consider the harms they committed and equip them with the necessary tools to take positive steps forward. The team will also be linking in with community support agencies to ensure all aspects of support are maintained as the men transition back into the community.